About Doug Marshall


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10 years ago I began dabbling in self-help and fell in love with it because it really worked for me. I started writing about my experiences and successes with self-help practices in a very real and transparent way on theworldofdoug. The more I learned tools for coping with anxiety and stress and wrote about them, more people wanted to know about them. After a few years my life's path took a very interesting turn - I started getting asked to give motivational speeches on self-care, stress and anxiety. This led to me designing workshops and small group coaching sessions to empower individuals and businesses to grow and prosper through self-reflective work. I break down meditation and self-help tools into easily approachable ways for people to try them out. I remove barriers to entry like “I don’t have time” or “it’s hard”. Most tools take 30 seconds to 3 minutes! The more I speak and teach, the demand continues to grow. People want to feel good.