It’s good to feel good.

I empower people and brands to put more good into the world by tuning their energy to a more positive frequency. When we clean up our energy, we are open to solutions that benefit others and create more abundance.

I work with individuals to uncover obstacles and limiting beliefs that hold them back.

I teach them how to clean up their energy so they can be more present, move forward freely and confidently.



ABOUT Doug Marshall

A writer, on-camera personality and social media brand consultant who has morphed into a motivational speaker and life-coach. My passion for style, skin care, grooming and what I like to call self-care (exercise/meditation/mindfulness) shifted my path in life from the corporate world to the metaphysical world.

In 2010 I began dabbling in self-help when my life wasn’t in a good place. I fell in love with it because I saw positive results almost instantly.  I began meditating, manifesting and clearing blocks that kept me stuck. My energy was more positive and my life got bigger.