My Beauty “I can’t live withouts”

When I got my head shots done, there was a lot of prep involved–most of it was mental (being ready/centered) and I did that through daily meditation and intention setting.  I kind of reasoned that if I am to look good in pictures on the outside, I needed to start on the inside.   The rest of being ready involved lots of sleep, no sugar or flour for 2 weeks before, exercise/yoga, drinking tons of water and taking care of my skin.  But on the day of, there were a few key products that just pulled it all together.  There has been no retouching to my skin or blurring of imperfections.  That’s thanks to make up that doesn’t really act like make up (and good lighting by Dani Werner Photography).  People have always kind of asked me what I use on my skin, so I thought I’d share a few of my “I can’t live withouts”. The products below become a natural extension of what God already gave me!  

The essentials:

1. Cerave Skin Renewing Cream Serum ($15 @ CVS)

2. Salma Hayek Nuance Tinted Moisturizer ($18.99 @ CVS)

*I hear CVS is discontinuing the Salma Hayek tinted moisturizer, which is a bummer because it’s the best tinted moisturizer ever.

3. Clinique Face Bronzer for Men ($19 @ Ulta Beauty)

4. Tarte Concealer ($27 @ SEPHORA)

5. MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime translucent powder ($28 @ MAC)

Also, a few times a week I use retin-A at night and I also take a #Niacinamide supplement from Source Naturals every night, which really keeps skin clear…I highly recommend that.  I used to get awful breakouts and had the most sensitive skin.  Any time I tried a new skin cream I would break out.  I was on antibiotics for my skin for 4 years. Then I discovered this supplement thanks to my dermatologist, and it’s the ONLY thing that has truly worked to keep my skin pretty much blemish free.  If you have problem skin, rosacea or break outs, Niacinamide supplements will CHANGE your skin.  You can get at Whole Foods Market, Lake Calhoun.

I’m passionate about skin care/make up and self care, so I’m going to start sharing some of that practical wisdom!!  What are some of your “I can’t live withouts”?