Take the 2 minute a day Creative Visualization Challenge with me!


I just got done with a massage and reiki session (where I was seeking guidance from the Universe on what to do to grow in my career field) and that guidance showed up FAST.  I looked at my facebook while walking home and all of a sudden Gabby Bernstein started live streaming out of no where…I didn’t even go to her page, it came up in my news feed; instead of clicking the X, I decided to watch because this might be the divine guidance.  It was!  In her 11 minute live cast, she brought up Shakti Gawain’s book #CreativeVisualization, which has been collecting dust on my bookshelf for a year now.  My coach Barbara Barna Abel told me about it ages ago, I bought it, looked through it and never thought of it again.  Perhaps Gabby bringing it up is a sign to crack it open and do the exercises.  Gabby talked about how powerful it can be to bring a visualization into daily practice to aid in achieving whatever you want to achieve (inner peace, harmony in your relationship, a raise, better fitness routine…you get to decide what it is you want to manifest).   And there’s no real catch because Gabby said we only need to visualize for 2 MINUTES A DAY, for the next 10 days.  That’s really not asking a lot…

She asked the 1,200 people on the live stream who was “in” to visualize for 2 minutes a day for 10 days to see what results we get.   I’m in!  Are you?  Follow the link below to Gabby’s Facebook Page, where you will find the 11 minute video on how to do your daily creative visualization exerices and then prepare to visualize ANYTHING YOU WANT FROM YOUR FUTURE for just 2 MINUTES a day. 

I’m going to do it and visualize a job in broadcast journalism in the Twin Cities. I’m going to visualize how it would feel to have that job, what it would feel like to interview people, who my co-workers are, the types of news I report and who it will help. I will visualize the highest good in the work situations I’m hoping for… For 2 minutes a day, I can surely test this.  I challenge you to it with me! What would you like to visualize? 

Let’s do this together, 2 minutes a day for 10 days.  Check out Gabby Bernstein on Facebook or Instagram for more details (or inspiration) and share with me your experience in the comments below or find me on facebook.com/douglaskmarshall!   Together, we can get more out of our lives! Let’s get as many people to join!