Douglas Marshall-MacDonald


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Shared with you.


(partial list)
1. I don’t trust one single hair product to do the job. A good hair day takes teamwork - which involves several products.
2. There is no bad day a Rihanna song can’t fix.
3. The most beautiful part of a woman’s face is her eyes, eyebrows and forehead. It’s the Holy Trinity of perfection. To this end, I don’t support the idea of heavy bangs cut straight across, hiding it all. It’s like putting a car cover over a porsche in a driveway. Something that beautiful should not be hidden…the car nor the forehead.
4. Being rude to someone actually makes you look like a dipshit. I know this is true because I used to be rude (sometimes) and my victims just looked at me with pity. It’s the fastest way to discount your credibility. An RA in college pulled me aside at a restaurant and said I talk down to people. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. I was insecure and wanted to feel important.
5. I’m a writer but I don’t like reading. I was such a slow reader growing up that I would cry out of frustration. Like sobbing in the middle of assigned reading. So I listen to audio books now. I read audiobooks!

That’s enough about me for now!

Waiting for Santa is a thing...even for dogs.

Waiting for Santa is a thing...even for dogs.

My neighbor is a hoarder. Which makes me a voyer.