Up Next: The World of Doug

Today is my last day doing social media for Flying Tiger USA! It was one of the most fun clients I've ever had -- I literally got paid to take fun pictures of quirky Danish products that generally bring joy into people's lives. I got to produce lighthearted videos with associates dancing or dressing up in crazy wigs. I got paid to do something that was genuinely fun and creative. It was a dream client. It was also my decision to leave, despite being genuinely happy and successful at it.

I've done mostly freelance work for the last 10 years. Over that time I've gotten new clients, I've lost clients, contracts ended and weren't renewed. You know, the freelance life. Any time something ended, a new client sprang up and immediately became "what I'm up to next". It's always kind of worked out.

Now that this client relationship is ending, the "next" is different. It's for me. I'm my next. A few months ago I launched a website centered around a blog I created called The World of Doug. I love working on it. I started video blogging. When I write blog posts or film videos, I get lost in it, I lose track of time and it feels like "home". In the last 60 days I realized something; I had too much freelance work and didn't have much time to put into my blog. I mean I launched it, but when things got busy, it fell on the back burner.

And then I was like, is this just another thing I threw up there, did for a few months and then never returned to it again? And the more I thought about "The World of Doug", the more I wanted to be there in it. I feel very drawn to it. I had this push and pull for the last 60 days of "what do I do?" For the last couple years, there's been a thought that creeps in that says, "Stop building everyone else's brand, and build your own." And then I'm like, well, I launched all the Social Media at Saks Fifth Avenue, rebuilt and grew Bond No. 9's social media and created a training video program for them that's been one of their most successful global training tools, I started Dream Dry and Bandier Fit social media campaigns, both which have exploded, I built and grew Joe Fresh's US social media and the list goes on. Where I put effort and attention, is what grows.

So in essence, I transitioned off of a client relationship, to give time to my blog, my video blogs and my message. So here it is, The World of Doug, my world, shared with you. Literally.

I'm putting it out there: If you were to read my blog or watch my video blogs, what would you want to see, hear, or read about? What part of my world would you want to go into!! Let me know and I'll craft some content around your ideas!  Seriously!